Problems at home or at work, money worries and sudden life events can often lead to stress. Someone is particularly likely to feel stress if they’re experiencing a number of life problems at the same time.

Some possible causes of stress are:

  • big life changes or major emotional upsets such as bereavement, getting married or going to University
  • pregnancy or becoming a parent
  • losing your job, redundancy or long-term unemployment
  • difficulties in personal relationships such as family arguments or divorce
  • living or working in a hostile environment 
  • caring for someone
  • sickness or other health issues
  • debt or housing issues or struggling to pay bills
  • crime, harassment or bullying
  • feeling isolated or unsupported

Personality can sometimes play a factor in experiencing stress. What may be stressful to one person may seem a positive challenge to another person or just not a matter of concern to another.

Healthcare practitioners have identified the following set of characteristics which can make it more likely for someone to experience stress. If you recognise a majority of these characteristics take particular care of your wellbeing.

Feels pressure to perform

  • Very competitive and driven.
  • Everything needs to be perfect.
  • Very work-focused – few social interests.

Feels pressure to complete

  • Impatient – doesn’t like to wait or take pleasure in doing something at leisure.
  • Tendency to take work home and finds getting a work/life balance difficult.
  • Needs to get everything finished.

Difficulty waiting or relaxing

  • Likes to do more than one thing at once.
  • Talks quickly and does everything at speed.
  • Never relaxes – always on the go and can’t sit still.
  • Always early for appointments.
  • Interrupts other people when they are trying to talk.

Difficulty managing feelings

  • Doesn’t express feelings.
  • Impatient with others’ feelings.