Leaving home for the first time and going to university or college can be a very exciting time. Meeting new people and taking on a new level of study can also be challenging and most students will feel some pressure at times and have their ups and downs.

Whatever your age or place of study, this guide can help you navigate student life in Leeds.

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Feel better Leeds website has health tips and information for students in Leeds.

One Space is for people aged under 25 and looking for mental health support. The website can direct you straight to what you need. It’s provided by ShoutThe Mix, and Young Minds working in partnership to ensure a simple way for young people to find support for their mental health. The website has links to a text-based helpline (Shout), peer support forums, phone helpline and online or phone counselling (The Mix) and mental health information and self-help resources (Young Minds).

Standalone – information and advice for people who are estranged from their families, including resources for students who don’t have family support.

Students against depression – a website by students for students with lots of resources to help you cope with low moods and anxiety.

Student Minds – the UK’s student mental health charity which offers information to support your mental health including resources to help your transition to university.

Student Space website has been set up, by Student Minds, in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.