You might already know that eating lots of sugary or fatty food, such as sweets, chocolate, takeaways and crisps, doesn’t make your body feel good.

Foods like these don’t have the right nutrients that our bodies need to work properly. If you don’t eat enough nutrient rich foods, your body may lack the vital vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain your energy levels and brain function.

Eating a diet low in nutrients – or not eating regularly – can make your blood sugars drop. This can make you feel tired and irritable and can cause mood swings, low mood and, in some cases, confusion.

Find out more about managing mood and food on the Mind website. There’s a video which is helpful and simple to follow and a leaflet which is free to download.

The Association of UK Dietitians has information about food and mood, with lots of information about how different foods can affect how we feel.