A green shape with 3 people with different skin tones close together or supporting each other. 1 has a darker skin tone and bushy, purple hair, 1 a lighter skin tone, short dreadlocks and a small beard, the last has a mid skin tone and pink hair in a top knot.

For Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 2022, we ran a Connect More campaign. The national theme for MHAW was loneliness and the Mental Health Foundation asked people to share their own experiences on social media with the hashtag #IveBeenThere. They also have resources, reports and blogs about loneliness, how it can affect mental health and how to take practical steps to address it.

Our Connect More themes and resources

We created MindWell resources that are perfect to use if you want to support your mental health by having more connections with other people. You could start with our Connect More planner and then use our daily themes and resources for a week.

Connect More planner

Download MindWell Connect More Planner

MindWell Connect More Planner – view as a web page

BSL logo

MindWell Connect More Planner in BSL – view on YouTube. The team at Deaf CAMHS (North) – the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service for Deaf children and young people in Leeds – created a video of themselves using BSL (British Sign Language) to share our Connect More Planner with their members.

Connect More Daily Resources


Connect with yourself


Connect with others


Connect together


Connect communities


Connect online

Saturday and Sunday

Keep connecting

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