Monday – Connect with yourself

  • Notice how many connections you make with other people today (online or in person)
  • Make a list of activities or events you enjoy
  • Do something just for you today

Tuesday – Connect with others

  • Say hello to people when you’re out and about
  • Wave at your neighbours or offer a helping hand
  • Make time for a chat with colleagues, a shop assistant or someone else you meet

Wednesday – Connect together

  • Find out about local or online classes or workshops you could join
  • Visit your library or community noticeboard to explore local groups
  • Connect with people who share an interest – go for a walk, have a cuppa, swap books or magazines

Thursday – Connect communities

  • Find out about volunteering locally or across Leeds
  • Look for ‘friends of’ groups in nearby parks or nature areas that need helpers
  • Ask local charities if you can help with fundraising or by donating your unwanted items

Friday – Connect online

  • Listen to radio or podcasts that interest you or make you laugh
  • Explore online support groups or social groups that can help with your health and wellbeing 
  • Find social media communities for your interests or activities

Saturday and Sunday – Keep connecting

  • Set yourself little challenges to meet people for a walk or coffee or join a local community event – look out for opportunities
  • Keep trying – not every group or activity will be right for you, but trying new things isn’t a waste of time!
  • Give yourself gentle encouragement, especially if don’t feel confident to start with

Mental Health Awareness Week

9 to 15 May 2022

MindWell – the mental health website for people in Leeds 

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