Daily themed resources for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022.

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Monday – connect with yourself

Everyone feels lonely sometimes, whether we have few or many people around us. You can take steps to have more social and supportive connections.

Don’t compare yourself to others on social media, on TV or in magazines – they might not show their true lives.

Think about what you enjoy in life or activities you want to try – there are so many groups and classes for different interests.

Make a list or plan of steps to connect with others – keep it small and simple, don’t put lots of pressure on yourself.

Tip: Explore our MindWell ‘Look after your wellbeing pages’ for links to local Leeds groups, services and organisations.

Tuesday – connect with others

When we notice other people and take an interest in them, it can help us and them feel connected. Even small moments can brighten our day.

Make tiny connections every day – a smile or wave across the street can give you (and them) a boost!

Be a helper in your local area – walk the neighbour’s dog, post a letter for someone who can’t go out or hold the door open at the shop – small actions help us connect with others.

Stay in touch with friends or family if you can – a short text or message, a card or phonecall can remind us and them to keep in contact.

Tip: Follow the hashtag #IveBeenThere on social media for people sharing their experiences of loneliness this week. MindWell will be joining in on Twitter @MindWellLeeds

Wednesday – connect together

There are lots of ways we can connect together, from sharing interests to trying new activities – plus we can find something we enjoy and look forward to.

Use your list of activities and events you enjoy to look for classes, workshops, events or talks. Ask at the library, look on social media or notice posters at the supermarket or health centre.

Ask other people if they know of local activity or chat groups – they sometimes meet in cafés, parks, church halls or community centres.

Explore our MindWell website for groups and classes around Leeds – see the Connect with others pages.

Tip: Libraries and community hubs are good places to look for activities and events – find your nearest on Leeds City Council’s website.

Thursday – connect communities

Volunteering can be a great way to make friends, boost confidence and develop skills. There are lots of ways to volunteer, from helping a neighbour to litter picking, raising money to delivering leaflets – there’s something for everyone.

Look for volunteering opportunities in Leeds on the Doing Good Leeds website or visit the Volunteer Centre in Leeds Kirkgate Market. You could find an opportunity you really enjoy!

Help out in your local area – get tips from Doing Good Leeds’ pages on supporting your Neighbourhood or find out about litter picking volunteers from Litter Free Leeds.

Ask organisations in your area if they need helpers – schools, youth groups, community centres, older people’s Neighbourhood Networks, charity shops or food banks are often looking for an extra pair of hands.

Tip: You can volunteer for one-off events if you’re short on time – ask local charities how you can help.

Friday – connect online

Sometimes it can be difficult to leave the house, especially if we’re ill, but it can feel lonely to stay at home. We can still connect with others and feel connected with the world.

You can try new activities from home with online workshops, classes, talks and creative groups. Explore our MindWell page ‘Can I learn at home?’ for ideas and links.

Many organisations in Leeds run online groups as well as face-to-face meetings, including peer support, exercise classes and social groups. Our MindWell website has links to local organisations in our service directory.

Tip: There are sessions across Leeds helping people become more confident online – ask about digital
inclusion at your local library or community hub.

Saturday and Sunday – keep connecting

Hopefully you’ve tried some of our ideas during Mental Health Awareness Week or plan to use them to help you make connections with others.

Look back at different ways you’ve tried to connect with others – what has worked well for you? What can you tweak?

You can access help to find local groups and activities with Linking Leeds, the social prescribing service in Leeds – call 0113 336 7612.

People in Leeds with mild to moderate mental health problems can contact Live Well Leeds for a range of services that include one-to-one support, group support, befriending, volunteering, social groups and wellbeing activities – call 0113 219 2727.

This week is about loneliness and how to have more connections with other people. If you’ve found it difficult or upsetting, don’t forget there are helplines and links on our MindWell website – there is always someone to talk to: www.mindwell-leeds.org.uk/help