We’re often told that the antidote to loneliness is to join a class or club, or become a volunteer. These are all good ideas, but if we feel low or anxious, it can be difficult to go to a new activity or meet new people.

If you’re struggling with how you feel or even feel ashamed or fearful about contacting people or making new friends, you might find it helpful to talk to your GP or look other for support in Leeds.

2 people sitting at a table with mugs of coffee. 1 person has a light skin tone and long, purple hair. The other has a darker skin tone and short, tightly curled hair. They are using British Sign Language.

Joining a peer support group can also be a good way to connect with people and there are several organisations running groups across Leeds. Some focus on an issue like anxiety or depression, while others might be for a specific group of people, such as women, unpaid carers or people who are transsexual. Peer support brings together people with similar experiences so that they can help, encourage and support each other. There are regular monthly or weekly groups and online services available.

If we’re experiencing feelings of loneliness, we can sometimes find it hard to reach out and connect with others. We might think other people won’t be interested in being our friend or socialising with us. We may believe that existing friends or family won’t be care that we’re struggling with how we feel. Our Connect More resources are designed to help you take small steps, so why not pick one or two actions to try?