Financial support

Sometimes it can help to have someone with you while you open a bill or work out your finances. If there’s no one you can ask, visit the Leeds Money Information Centre to find free, confidential and non-judgmental help and advice on a range of money-related matters like debt, finances, energy and bills.

If you can’t afford to pay for essentials such as food, gas or electricity, you can speak with the Leeds Council Welfare Support Team on 0113 376 0330 (on weekdays, 9am to 5pm, except Wednesdays when they’re open from 10am). Leeds Council also offers a translation service and can arrange for an interpreter or translator to help you communicate with the council in your language.

Emotional support

If you are experiencing money problems, you may pull away from the people around you. Avoiding other people is easy to do when feeling worried, stressed or anxious. Although it may make you feel better to begin with, withdrawing from others will most likely leave you feeling lonely or isolated and may affect your relationships.

Telling someone how you feel – whether that’s a friend, a neighbour or your GP – is much better than trying to cope with your feelings alone.

Anyone over 17 registered with a Leeds GP can refer themselves for a variety of online self-help courses and other treatments via the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service website. If you are not yet registered with your local GP, find out how to register.

Or visit our directory to find free or low-cost counselling services in Leeds or read more about how counselling can help.

Remember, that you are not alone in worrying about money. Other people are experiencing similar challenges to you. Look for support to help you manage the things you find difficult and take back some control.

Crisis support

It can be hard to know where to turn to find help if you’re feeling very upset or distressed. If you need urgent support, there are local and national phonelines open 24/7 – visit our Need urgent help? page for more information.