Avoiding your problems doesn’t mean that they go away. Instead, it is better to tackle what is worrying you, even if it feels scary or difficult.

For help understanding and organising your finances, Mind has some great tips. Or for free, confidential help and advice on a range of money-related matters, visit the Money Information Centre for Leeds.

Get a clear picture

As well as understanding your financial situation, it’s important not to assume things are worse than they are. Sometimes, stories in the news are written in an extreme way, without saying anything positive or providing information about the help available in Leeds.

For instance, not making a cup of tea because you are worried about how much energy the kettle will use may take energy saving too far. After all, a cup of tea can be a great way to enjoy a break or relax in front of the TV. (Boiling a kettle for two cups of tea costs around 2p.)

Try to stay positive

There’s lots of doom and gloom in the news right now. If you feel the news is negatively affecting how you think or feel, read our advice on how to stay informed while protecting your mental health.