Thinking about money or not having enough money can leave you managing difficult emotions or feelings:

  • You might feel guilty for spending money, even if you can afford it. Or you might feel guilty for not being able to provide for your children or family in the way you would like. You may also have less time, energy or money to give to others while you focus on making sure you have enough for yourself.
  • You might feel stressed due to not having enough money to pay for essentials like food or bills. Navigating the benefits system and having to tell your story over and over again, can also be a stressful experience.
  • Dealing with money problems can make you feel angry. This anger may be directed at yourself or others. Anger is a normal emotion and sometimes can have a positive effect. Understand anger better, learn how to identify when it is a problem and find help.
  • Money worries can make it hard to switch off and fall asleep. Learn how to take control of your sleeping problem.
  • When dealing with financial problems and mental health challenges, you may feel low or depressed. Learn the difference between experiencing low moods and depression and when it’s important to ask for help.

Losing someone close

When someone we love dies, it can be really hard to think about anything else. Ending a relationship is also a form of loss and may impact you financially. Learn about the grieving process and find ways to cope with grief.